The Cider Barn
Dunkertons Cider Mill,

Phone: 01544 388161

The Cider Barn,
Dunkertons Cider Mill, Pembridge,
Herefordshire, HR6 9ED
Phone: 01544 388161, Email:

 The Cider Barn Covid 19 Policy

As we learn to change and adapt with the evolving situation of Covid 19, our main concern is the safety of our staff and customers. Our policy ensure that we minimise risks whilst maintaining our identity and our hight standards.

When visiting The Cider Barn you will notice a few changes. All of them are in place in order to provide for our customers the safest environment possible.

Please see below what to expect when you are visiting The Cider Barn.


  • The last drink order will be at 10pm and we will be closing at 11pm.
  • We ask all guests and visitors to wear a face covering when entering the building. Please wear your face covering when you get up from the table to visit the facilities or to leave the premises.
  • One table at a time to enter the restaurant, if other customers are waiting to be seated please wait outside following social distancing signage.
  • Our team of front of house will be wearing masks at all time.
  • We will respect a social distance policy between staff and the customers.
  • When entering the restaurant we will provide you with hand sanitiser before going to your table. You will be seated at your tables straight away and we will provide table service only.
  • We are displaying our official NHS QR code poster for our customer to be able to check in. If you don’t have the facility to scan our QR code we have track and trace form on the table for you. 
  • Restaurant booking will be taken following restictions and only one househlod per table we be allowed.
  • We will ask you to remain at your table unless you require to use the toilets. 
  • We have re-arranged our tables to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Each table will be provided with hand sanitiser for you to be able to use
  • Thorough cleaning of each table, chairs and any consumable such as menus, salt pepper etc will be done after each use.
  • Toilets will be well ventilated and doors where possible propped open.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of hight contact surface will be done.
  • Frequent hand washing and disinfecting will be done by every member of the team.