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Smoked Salmon Scotch Egg


250g smoked salmon
A large handful of dill
1 lemon
6 big tablespoons of cream cheese
12 quail eggs


Prepare a bowl of ice and water.
Bring a large pan of water to a rolling boil on the hob. Lower the Quial eggs in for 2 mins 15 secs. Remove and place into the bowl of ice.
While they are cooling – make your salmon mixture. In a food prossesor, blits till smooth salmon, cream cheese, dill (no stems) and lemon juice.
(Here would be good place to add other things – cubed fresh salmon, gravlax)
Drain quail eggs and throw them around the bottom of the bowl so to break the shells lightly. Peal the quail eggs gently as the centre will still be runny. Use running water to help.
Take a handful of salmon mixture in wet hands and flatten out big enough to go round the quail eggs. Add a quail egg on top of mixture in the palm of your hand and carefully surround the egg in the mixture. Fill any gaps or thin areas so the egg is completely cover by mixture.
Put in fridge to harden up for an hour. Crack egg into a bowl beat with a little milk.
Now breadcrumb – roll eggs in seasoned flour first. Then dip them in the beaten egg, then roll in the breadcrumb.
Deep fry at 180o c until golden, about 2 mins.