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wedding terms & conditions

Hire fee

To book your wedding with us and to secure your date we require the full payment of the hire fee at the time of booking. The hire fee is non- refundable in case of cancellation.


The venue hire fee in the high season (between the 1st May to the 30th September, including any days between 15th December to 1st January) for weddings with 70 to 140 guests on Friday, Saturday and Sundays is £3000.

Please note for 50 to 70 guests there is a surcharge of £1000.

The venue hire fee in the low Season (between 1st October to 30th April, excluding any days between 15th December to 1st January) for weddings with 70 to 140 guests on Friday, Saturday and Sundays is £2000. 

Please note for 50 to 70 guests there is a surcharge of £1000.

The venue hire fee all year round for weddings with 70 to 140 guests on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is £1000.

Please note for 50 to 70 guests there is a surcharge of £500. 

Change in guests numbers

If you have booked for a wedding with more that 70 guests and end up with less than 70 guests when you confirm the final numbers one month before the wedding, we will apply the surcharge onto your invoice.



Use of the venue and furniture

You will have exclusive use of the venue for the day of your wedding.

The venue is furnished with various different sizes of tables and chairs and the required amount for your wedding day will be provided for the wedding breakfast and for the ceremony.



Outside space

Only the top half of the field is available for you to use. To ensure we are good neighbors no excessively noisy activities are permitted. Also no amplified music (except just for the time of the ceremony if you wish to) fireworks or camping are not allowed.


Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware

We will provide all the necessary crockery, cutlery and glassware for the day. If the menu requires any extra serving dishes or unusual items of crockery, we would ask you to hire them.


Staff for the day

We will provide the necessary number of staff for the event to ensure that it runs smoothly. On your wedding day we will be coordinating the day by asking your guests to make their way to the ceremony area, or to find their seat at the agreed time for your wedding breakfast, however we are not providing a master of ceremony that makes announcements throughout the day.


Decorations & Set-up

You are welcome to come a few days before your wedding to set up any decorations in the barns i.e. bunting, photos, fairy lights. As The Cider Bar is a restaurant and open every day of the week, your visit must be by prior arrangement and must be between services i.e. before 12 noon or between 3-5pm.


We organize the tables and chairs in position according to the floor plan and we dress the tables with all the required cutlery, glassware and napkins.

We are happy to set a small amount of decorations on the tables for you. However if you wish to have a very intricate design for the table decorations we would charge an hourly set up fee. Or you are more than welcome to have friends and or family members come on the day to set up the decorations for you.

Any decorations from the tables will be put into boxes and ready for you to collect before 12 noon on the day following your event.


Food & Drink

We can cater for a very wide range of dining requirements with our in-house team of chefs and kitchen staff. The use of external caterers is not permitted. We require a minimum of £40 per person for the wedding breakfast. (This figure may change by the time of your wedding)


We can supply all the drinks and beverages needed for your event, but if you wish to provide any yourselves e.g. wine for the tables, a corkage charge will be applied. 

If you supply your own wine and we apply the corkage fee, we will chill the wine for you, open the bottles and display them on the tables. The corkage fee does not cover pouring wine at the tables; it is not a service that we provide.


The consumption of alcohol and other drinks not purchased on the premises is strictly prohibited. Any alcohol or beverages brought onto and consumed on the premises will be subject to a corkage charge of which will be deducted from the deposit for the event. This includes alcoholic favors such as small bottles of gin etc…


All food and beverages supplied are subject to a service charge of 7%.




We require a deposit of £250.00 one-month prior to the event. This deposit will be refunded subsequent to your event providing that no damage has occurred to the venue, furniture or equipment. Should any damage have occurred, the amount retained from the deposit would depend on the nature of the damage and be entirely at our discretion.



The use of confetti is only allowed in the field adjoining the terrace and it must be dried flowers or compostable confetti.



One month prior to your event we will require confirmation of the final number of guests. We will then submit our invoice for food and pre-ordered drink which will be payable on presentation. Should the number of guests be reduced there will be no adjustment or reduction in the food and drink invoice.



In the event that you cancel your booking, the hire fee is non refundable. In such circumstances if you have already paid the invoice for the food and any pre-ordered drinks and beverages, no refund will be made.


In the unlikely event that the Cider Barn finds it necessary to cancel your event, we will seek to arrange another date with you. Should that not be possible we will refund in full all money paid.

Details & Consent
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