Sample à la Carte Menu


Selection of breads – £3.50, Marinated olives – £3.50 Spiced mixed nuts- £3.00

Marmite roasted new potatoes, cheddar foam, pickled raisin and parmesan oil - £8.00

Rum Cured Seabass with smoked paprika mayonnaise, rum jellies, blood orange salsa and linseed wafer - £9.00

Home cured Bresoala with cauliflower, ricotta, watercress and walnuts - £9.00

Crispy duck egg with asparagus, lovage and chorizo - £8.50 

Crab and wild garlic risotto with crab salad and grapefruit salsa - £11.00



Soy marinated Pork loin with black pudding and pork belly croquette, caraway spring greens, celeriac hash and horseradish mayonnaise - £21.50 

Treacle cured Hereford beef sirloin and cheek with mustard mash, mushroom butter, a warm salad of peas and gem lettuce and wild garlic mayonnaise - £24.50

Panfried Seabass with fennel jam, asparagus, chorizo new potatoes and a shrimp and caper sauce - £19.50

Panfried Haddock with smoked haddock open lasagne, smoked garlic and samphire - £18.50 

Wild garlic tart with new potatoes, rocket pesto, charred asparagus and beetroot dressing - £15.50


Sides – Chips - £4.00, Sautéed vegetables- £3.50, Orange and sunflower salad - £3.50


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Pecan pie with blood orange, Italian meringue and nutmeg ice cream - £8.50

Lemon and rhubarb posset with almond sponge, rosemary jelly and rhubarb sorbet - £8.50 

Chocolate tart with bananas, peanuts and rum jelly - £8.50

Freshly fried doughnuts with citrus curd and fennel sugar – £6.00


Selection of local cheeses with oregano crackers, celery, Irish marrow chutney and 

Delaforce fine ruby port – £10.00